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Invisalign Belmont

Ready to straighten your teeth, boost your self-confidence and improve your oral health? Invisalign is at the cutting edge of orthodontics, using 3D imaging technology to plan out your treatment. Our surgery is equipped with a high-end digital scanner which can show a simulation of how your smile will look like before, during and after treatment. Designed to be almost invisible in your mouth, find out how Invisalign has delivered over 6 million smiles worldwide and counting.

When you visit us at our Belmont dental clinic, a family friendly orthodontist will do a thorough examination, walk you through the process and help determine which treatment is the right fit for you.

We’re centrally located in South East Brisbane at the Belmont Road Shopping Village and have plenty of free parking available. Our dental practice is only a short distance away from Cannon Hill, Carindale, Carina Heights, Chandler, Wakerley, Wishart and surrounding areas. Make an appointment online to see how the team can give you a smile that’ll brighten your day.

What is Invisalign and how does it work?

Invisalign is a cosmetic alternative to braces to straighten or close gaps between teeth. Invisalign treatment involves a series of clear aligners changed every two weeks or as directed by your provider. Each set of aligners should be worn for 20 -22 hours per day for the best results. As you progress through your series of aligners your teeth are moved into a straighter position in a safe and controlled manner. The average course of treatment is about 1 year, with 6-8-week appointments with your Invisalign dentist to track your progress. Invisalign can be a great treatment choice for adults and teenagers.

Invisalign vs Braces

With both teeth straightening treatment options available, how does one differ from other? Both traditional braces and Invisalign were designed to provide the same end result – to straighten your teeth and improve your oral health. Whereas traditional braces are made from metal or clear polycarbonate brackets and fixed to your teeth, Invisalign aligners are designed to be invisible and are worn over your teeth.

Patients looking for treatment for a wide range of issues including over and underbites, crossbites, gaps in teeth, open bites, crowded teeth or even for patients who want generally straighter teeth, may find Invisalign braces an ideal solution for them.

Dentist inserts clear aligners into patients mouth | Featured Image for Invisalign Belmont

Benefits of Invisalign Treatment

Perfect for young adults alike who want to have their teeth straightened but dislike the sight of traditional braces. Invisalign braces are a clear and cosmetic option.

Your aligners will gradually shift your teeth into the ideal position. By moving teeth in a slow, controlled way, orthodontic pain and discomfort are greatly reduced.

Designed as a single piece of clear-plastic there’s no chance of wires breaking, meaning fewer emergency dental visits.

As Invisalign aligners are removable, cleaning, brushing and flossing are not compromised during treatment, which can lead to healthier teeth and gums.

When worn for the recommended 22-24 hours a day, treatment takes between 6-18 months depending on individual circumstances.

Cleaning your aligners is easier than ever, simply brush them under cold water or soak them in denture tablets.

As the aligners are completely removable you can eat the food you like and play the contact sports you love.

Why Choose Belmont Village Dental for Invisalign Treatment?

At Belmont Village Dental, we take pride in being a friendly and professional dental practice dedicated to improving the dental health of our local community.  With state-of-the-art software and techniques, we ensure that your entire alignment process is as smooth and painless as possible. Your health and happiness are our primary concerns and we offer a variety of orthodontic treatments including fixed braces and removable Invisalign aligners. Both are effective ways to straighten your teeth and improve your smile.

Learn how Invisalign can have you on way to your perfect smile sooner by getting in touch with our friendly dentist Belmont team for your initial Invisalign Belmont assessment and no-obligation consultation today.

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