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Dental Crowns

Do you need dental crowns? If one or more of your teeth are worn down or cracked and the strength and appearance needs to be restored, dental crowns are a likely option your dentist will suggest.

At Belmont Village Dental, our dentists are highly experienced in carrying out tooth crown procedures to the highest standard, and the end result always leaves our patients with a bigger and brighter smile they can be proud of. So if you think a dental crown procedure is the best option to improve the strength and appearance of your teeth, book an appointment online and speak with one of our dentists to discuss the best options available for your unique needs.

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a permanent covering that is cemented over a tooth to restore its strength and improve its appearance. Crowns can be placed over weak or fractured teeth to prevent further damage, and can also be used to support large fillings and to protect a tooth following root canal surgery.

We would normally recommend a crown if your tooth is too damaged to support a filling, or if it is cracked or broken. With good hygiene and dental care, crowns for teeth can last for years.

Is a Dental Crown Right for Me?

Dental crowns are a practical and permanent tooth replacement option that’s best suited to patients who wish to avoid having a tooth extraction. But crowns are just one of many restorative treatment options available, so is it the right choice for you?

Crowns are used for:

  • Teeth that are badly damaged or decayed
  • Misshapen or discoloured teeth
  • Covering dental implants
  • Anchoring a dental bridge
  • Supporting a filling when there’s not enough tooth left to support it on its own
  • Protecting a tooth after root canal surgery

If infection or decay is present near the pulp of the tooth or if the tooth is too badly damaged, alternative treatment options may be recommended.

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Dental Crown Benefits

Tooth crowns are a necessary and essential part of practically every dental office. Here are some of the biggest benefits of undergoing a dental crown procedure:

What’s Involved in a Tooth Crown Procedure

Two visits are required when undergoing a dental crown procedure.

During your first visit, an X-ray may be completed to examine the roots of the tooth and surrounding bone. After applying a local anaesthetic to numb the area, your dentist will prepare and shape the tooth to fit the crown, and an impression of the tooth will be taken. A temporary crown will then be placed over the tooth until the permanent crown is finished and ready to be cemented into place at your next appointment.

Things to Know Before Getting a Dental Crown

We want our patients to be fully informed about the restorative treatments available to them. Here are a few important points to keep in mind before deciding to undergo a dental crown procedure:

  • Try to avoid eating hard foods, chewing gum or other sticky foods to prevent any potential damage to your crown, particularly in the first 24 hours after the procedure while the cement is setting.
  • Your crown may feel strange at first while your mouth and surrounding teeth adjust to it.
  • Dental crowns won’t get whiter when teeth undergo a whitening procedure.
  • Crowns for teeth don’t last forever, and despite not being prone to cavities, they are sensitive to plaque. Therefore, they do require maintenance.
  • Crowns can become loose over time and eventually require replacement.
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Want to know more about the procedure and any of the potential risks involved? Give us a call on (07) 3393 9550 – we’re more than happy to answer any of your questions.

Why Choose Belmont Village Dental for Dental Crowns

Making and creating dental crowns is just as much an art as it is a science, so it’s important that you find a talented and skilful dentist to guarantee an exceptional result. At Belmont Village Dental, our team of dentists are highly experienced in this procedure. We also have the latest, state-of-the-art dental equipment at our disposal to ensure your appointment with us is as smooth and comfortable as possible.

We always strive to ensure the crown is a perfect replica of your original tooth and will fit your mouth perfectly. We take pride in the work that we do, which is why you can trust Belmont Village Dental to meet and exceed expectations with every dental service we provide, including tooth crowns.

Crowns for Teeth at Belmont Village Dental – Book an Appointment Online

Everyone deserves a sparkling smile. If you have a damaged or misshapen tooth that you would like fixed, speak with one of our dentists to find out if a tooth crown procedure is a recommended option for your individual concerns.

At Belmont Village Dental, we care about your dental health. Book an appointment online, or give us a call on (07) 3393 9550.

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