We believe that preventive dentistry is the key to maintaining healthy teeth and gums for life.

Regular dental visits are a very important part of preventive dentistry. While ‘at home’ oral health care, including regular brushing and flossing are essential, harmful plaque and calculus can form in your mouth that can only be treated by a dental professional. If not treated, these deposits can cause decay and gum disease and may ultimately affect your overall health.

Regular dental visits enable problems to be identified early by the dentist so they can be addressed before major treatments are required.

The aim of preventive dentistry is to help you maintain healthy teeth and gums by providing a personalised program of regular professional check-ups and hygiene visits along with on-going support for your ‘at home’ oral health care. Preventive dentistry is likely to reduce the amount of dental treatment you will ultimately require in the future and give you the best chance of maintaining your own teeth for a lifetime.

If you haven’t had a dental check-up or hygiene visit in the last 6 months we encourage you to call us and get your personalised program off to a great start!

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